Sunday, June 17, 2007

Insulting your family and friends...

I went out to dinner tonight with my husband and son. Saturday night at a nice family restaurant, I was saddened to see that at atleast 50 percent of the tables, the diners who were supposed to be eating were all so preoccupied with their cellphones and blackberries, not the eating kind.

It was very strange to see one father typing away madly at his blackberry, while his wife was talking on her cell phone, and their son was enjoying an ice cream alone. At another table three teenaged girlfriends, each staring at their own phones and SMS'ing away to glory.

The drinks are on the table, foods good, company's excellent and half the people at the restaurant instead of realizing how lucky they are to have this, and instead of enjoying this are so caught up with their cell phones... For Gods Sake! I for one would vote for a law that bans using phones during dinner and family gatherings.

This is the most succesful way to insult your family and friends...

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