Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Indian Gang Accused of Stealing Human Kidneys

An excerpt from the abc news article --

"It sounds like the old urban legend of people lured into an apartment
or house and then being robbed of their kidneys.

But in India, it is no legend.

A kidney transplant ring has been busted up in India in which hundreds
of poor people were forced into having their kidneys removed.

The mastermind behind the scam is believed to be Dr. Amit Kumar (also
known as Dr. Santosh Raut), whom Mumbai police have been chasing since
1993, according to the Indian Express newspaper. The doctor had
previously been arrested in Delhi in 2000 for involvement in the
illegal trade of organs.

Officials said that 500 to 600 kidneys were stolen or purchased from
victims in Gurgaon, a high-tech city on the outskirts of New Delhi.
The kidneys were transplanted into the bodies of wealthy Indians or
foreigners. Five foreign tourists, including two Americans, were found
in what police described as a "luxury guest house" owned by the doctor
on Saturday awaiting a kidney. There was a waiting list of some 40
foreigners from at least five countries."

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