Saturday, March 22, 2008

Can India Save the World?

"Humanity is embarking on a bizarre journey into the future.
Subconsciously, we all believe (or would like to believe) that we live
in a rational, well-ordered universe. The reality is closer to the
opposite. If this sounds unbelievable, consider the following analogy.
Imagine 660 passengers boarding a ship that is sailing into
unchartered waters. After boarding, all 660 retreat into their cabins.
No captain or crew is taking care of the ship as a whole.

Sadly, this is a literal, not metaphorical description of how
spaceship Earth is sailing into the future. Globalisation has shrunk
the world. All 6.6 billion inhabitants now live in a single
interdependent universe. From financial crises to health epidemics,
from borderless terrorism to global warming, we are moving into a
world where more global governance (not global government) is needed
to manage the growing interdependence. Instead, precisely when more is
needed, humanity is either shrinking or weakening global governance.
This essay will explain why. It will also argue that perhaps only one
country can solve this crisis — India," writes Kishore Madhubani in an
interesting essay in the Hindustan Times.

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Ram Krishnan, Nashua NH said...

The article borders on megalomaniac - precisely what the author accuses the West of. It is easy to write such baloney during a climate when the rising tide (of foriegn fund inflows) is lifting all boats (which in India's case - is not true. Close to 400 mil of its near 1 bil population lives at or below the poverty line). India's policies (internal and external) are as hypocritical as that of Western nations - it is one thing to talk about democracy and fairness, and then send a prime ministerial delegation to kiss the cheeks and feet of the same Middle Eastern dictators that the US is dealing with. So let us not get too carried away. Let this tide of sanguine economic conditions (naturally) ebb, and if India survives the ensuing storm as a global state without internal implosions, then the author can make this claim when the tide flows in again. India is great and all that - but let us not get carried away.. let Indians quietly make themselves another South Korea or Malaysia, or yes, another Singapore - before having any global hallucinations.