Monday, March 17, 2008

GM's Second Small Car for India

"General Motors Corp. plans to build its second minicar for the Indian
market, a company executive said Monday....

Detroit-based GM introduced the Chevrolet Spark minicar in India in
April 2007 in its first major attempt to enter the segment. Small cars
- hatchbacks with engine capacities ranging from 0.8-liters to
1.6-liters and measuring up to 4 meters - comprise about three
quarters of the more than 1 million cars sold in India each year.

Suzuki Motor Corp. leads the local market with as many as five
hatchback models," says CNN Money on their website.

While critics argue that there are more and more cars being introduced
and continue to pollute the environment, the infrastructure remains
very questionable. Traffic congestion in India's larger cities is
completely out of control and the solution seems to be nowhere in

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