Saturday, March 22, 2008

TCS's new Cincinnati Headquarters

One of the Indian companies that is making waves, expanding rapidly in
North America is Tata. TCS recently opened a delivery center in Ohio
and plans to staff it with about a 1000 employees.

Here is an excerpt--
"More than a century after the company's great forbear Jamshedji Tata
scoured Ohio looking for steel expertise, India's tech major Tata
Consultancy Services (TCS) opened a 1000-seat delivery centre outside
Cincinnati on Monday, marking a small but significant counter to
overwrought reports about job flight from the United States.

Eminences ranging from the state governor to the local school
superintendent turned up for the inauguration of the new facility, to
hear and exult about 1000 jobs being created in the area. It was a
rare moment of relief, pride, and vindication too for India - and an
Indian company - which has been under attack from protectionist forces
in the US for taking away American jobs.

The delivery centre, located in the Cincinnati suburb of Milford, will
take in mostly local hires over the next three years after TCS cranks
it up with associates from India. It will handle design, development
and delivery needs of TCS' key North American customers such as
Boeing, Nielsen and General Electric."

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