Tuesday, April 01, 2008

HIghest Meteorological Honor for Jagdish Shukla

From the IANS--
"Jagadish Shukla, an Indian American scientist, has been awarded the
52nd International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Prize, for his
research on monsoons and establishing a scientific model for climate
prediction. Considered the highest international award in the field of
meteorology, the prestigious award was presented to Shukla by
Alexander Bedritsky, president of the World Meteorological
Organization (WMO) at a ceremony at the US National Academy of
Sciences last week.

Previous winners of the annual prize included several noted scientists
like Lennart Bengtsson (2006), Shukla's long-time collaborator, as
well as Jule Charney (1971) and Edward Lorenz (2000), Shukla's
doctoral advisers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where
he earned his Sc.D. in 1976.

Shukla, distinguished professor of George Mason University, was given
the award in recognition of "…his research on monsoons and coupled
ocean-land-atmosphere interactions establishing a scientific basis for
predictability of climate in the midst of chaotic weather."

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