Monday, December 03, 2007

Amar Gopal Bose Now Offers a Magic Carpet Ride

Amar Gopal Bose has now shifted gears from sound systems to auto suspension systems. He is offering a suspension system where the ride being compared to that of a magic carpet.

From the Boston Globe Business Section, dated December 3, 2007:
Six years before the young Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor founded the company that's now synonymous with high-end stereo speakers, he bought a 1958 Pontiac, which featured something called Ever-Level air suspension in which air bags replaced steel springs to absorb bumps.
It wasn't good enough. He tinkered with the suspension for a decade, and then he bought a Citroën DS-19, a French oddball renowned for its radically streamlined shape and a pressurized fluid suspension with nitrogen shock absorbers. It once broke down on him at the Tanglewood music center, and he had to have it towed back to Boston.
Long after those cars were gone, the problem still gnawed at Bose: How can you design a suspension system that combines a smooth ride with superior handling?
Bose began working on the project in secret in 1980, and didn't unveil the results until three years ago. His innovative system uses electromagnetic motors - powered by unique Bose electric power amplifiers and switches - to control the handling of the vehicle.
"In cars today, there's always a compromise between softness over bumps and roll and pitch during maneuvering," Bose, 78, said in a recent interview. "This system provides absolutely better handling than any sports car, and the most comfortable ride imaginable."

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