Monday, August 27, 2007

15 Companies That Will Change The World

In an article titled "The Next Disruptors" lists 15 companies that they think will change the world. About 5 of them are headed and/or founded by South Asian Americans.

From the article -- "This year's selection is the culmination of an extensive search for the most disruptive startups in the country, including a multi-city series of roundtable discussions last spring. At events in Boston, Los Angeles and Chapel Hill, N.C., we convened more than 100 entrepreneurs, some of whom are represented here. We also launched a weekly Web video series on called The New Disruptors (available as a podcast on iTunes). In it you'll find video profiles of companies featured here, plus many others. If you know where to look, disruption is everywhere."

Interesting article. Read the full story at the link below--

Bombings in Hyderabad...

Less than 8 months ago, my mother, my husband my son and I were walking around Lambini park on the banks of the Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad, enjoying the fountains and the many play areas for children. This was the site of the recent bombings. It terrifies me to think of the many innocent people who were out there in the park enjoying the car rides, or playing in the waterfalls, taking a walk while a bomb goes off kiling you and your loved ones.

This has been said time and again by everyone, but this is my turn to repeat it. Terrorism does not prove a point or improve anyones way of life, i just kills innocent people who have nothing to do with the issues concerned. When are they ever going to realize that? Or are they?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

60 years of Independence...

It has been 60 years since India got her Independence. India has advanced in many ways and matured as a nation. The one thing she is gradually losing, like Tibet, is her culture and traditions.With teh society becomin more westernized, and the newer generations shunning culture and tradition, India is losing one of it's most beautiful aspects.

It is unfortunate that culture and tradition is percieved as boring and ancient rather than unique, colorful and rich. I adore the culture and traditions of India, Those are what make me what I am as a person. The other day someone questioned this belief and compared this to my modernness in other areas of life such as in a marriage or in womens lib. Just because I believe in culture and tradion that does not make me any less modern or liberated in my way of thinking.

With that being said, I wish more youngsters would embrace their traditions and culture, be it in India or Tibet, for that is what makes them what they are. That is what makes a nation unique in spite of it's modernity.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Is August 2007 Bollywood Month?

August is full of Bollywood realted media activities. To list a few, 2 high profile movies with a bollywood focus, another, a book about a bollywood icon that describes the growth of the bollywood film industry. Kashif Memon with his bollywood dances on America's got talent.

Bollywoods popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds, it's oly a matterof time before there is a some sort of melding of hollywood and bollywood cultures!