Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentines Day Revelation!!!

Until today I never realised how huge Valentines day was for schools and kids. I had offered to make little favors for my 3 year old sons classmates at his Montessori. I was out shopping the night before Valentines. Here I was confidently traipsing along hoping to pick up little favors and walk out. To my surprise, Valentines day treats and favor bags were sold out at most major outlets. I had to run from one store to another to find some decent valentines day favors besides just chocolates, candy and cards.

Valentines day my husband believes, is a Hallmark event! No I say to him, it has become much much bigger than that. No more is it just an ocasion for a couple in Love, it is for everyone from newborns all the way to seniors and pets! Bizarre!!!

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