Wednesday, March 07, 2007

India is favored again - BBC World Service Poll

So much media attention for India. It's increasing by leaps and bounds. Books being published, recently by Mira Kamdar and Ed Luce, talk about how this nation is becoming one of the more favored nations of the world, thanks to it's globalization and economic growth. The latest in this are teh results of the BBC World Service poll.

"In the latest BBC World Service poll (conducted by the firm GlobeScan), which asked 28,000 people around the world how they felt about other countries, India got positive marks from people in 17 countries but negative marks from only 3 countries. India appears to be the only South Asian country on the survey. Overall, Canada had the most favorable ratings. Israel, North Korea and the U.S. didn't do well at all. GlobeScan president Doug Miller said "India is the only country that has significantly improved its global stature in the past year, and is now even with China. Britain, while slipping a bit since 2005, appears to be avoiding the steep decline that its war partner, the US, is suffering. And it is fascinating that Chavez's Venezuela seems to be appealing to as many people as it is displeasing."

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