Monday, December 01, 2008

Tragedy in Mumbai...

A lot of news has been published about the tragedy in Mumbai. It
saddens many but some like myself are also angry and afraid.

Angry that the terrorists have the gall to shot and kill as they
please, destroy the lives of innocent citizens and wreak havoc on a
peaceful way of life. Angry that these terrorists think they can play
god and change the way of life. Angry that the terrorists are not
being contained and eliminated.

Afraid, not of the terrorist but of what the repercussions of an
action like this might be, the aftermath, the political unrest, the
religious tensions. Afraid that the Hindu fundamentalists might
retaliate and the lives of innocent muslims might be in danger, afraid
that the ruthless politicians might use this to their advantage,
afraid that two countries that need to chill out are being forced into
tense relations.

Besides the numerous news stories, there were several insightful
editorials on this incident. A few that caught my eye can be accessed
at the links below.

NY Times Editorial titled "The Horror in Mumbai"

"What they hate about Mumbai" an oped by Suketu Mehta

A factual Associated Press story on the chronological sequence of
events in the Mumbai attacks-

SAJA has held several insightful radio interviews on this topic and
that can be accessed at--

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