Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reading Books on the Internet...

While doing a search for one of my articles I was surprised to find chapters from a book that I had contributes to atleast 10 years ago. This book was part of Project Guttenberg and was available online. While searching through this database, I actually found it amazing that several classics by Maughm and Jane Austen and several others were available to the public over the Internet.

Many find this downright sacrilegious, but for someone like me, this is just an introduction to a book that I look forward to buying, reading and owning. For me nothing will ever replace the pleasure of flipping through the pages of a book, especially the ones that are yellow and have the smell of old and rich paper!

Yesterday I found it interesting to read this in the London Times --
"The Man Booker Prize has been criticised over the years for selecting
dark, unreadable and worthy tomes unlike the winners of other more
populist literary prizes.Now, in the week that Anne Enright became its 2007 winner, it is shaking
off criticisms of being elitist and out of touch by taking the radical
step of placing all its shortlisted novels online, available free to
anyone worldwide."

Read the full article "Every novel on Man Booker Prize shortlist to be available free for online
readers" in The London Times dated October 18, 2007

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