Monday, May 05, 2008

Rupa And The April Fishes...

A truly multicultural band with an Indian American as the lead singer, guitarist and lyricist. Rupa, also happens to be a San Francisco based doctor on the side! Wow! Enjoy...

NPR reports that, "When she isn't on stage, Rupa Marya is a doctor of internal medicine on faculty at UCSF, and often draws ideas for songs from her patients' stories. She was able to take advantage of a flexible residency track designed for female doctors who may be expecting children, which allows her to spend six months working and the other half of the year touring.
"And so after my first year of internship, I went into my program director and said, 'Listen, I'll be a terrible doctor if I'm not an artist, and I'll be a terrible artist if I'm not a doctor," Marya says. "'And I need to find a way to do these things.'"

Read the full story about the band on NPR --

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