Monday, February 04, 2008

Another American of part-Indian origin who sets herself apart...

Kirin Kalia is the editor of Featured in
the New York Times this article about this magazine that has a "A Tiny
Staff, Tracking People Across the Globe."

An excerpt from this article --
Every moment has its magazine, and for the age of migration it is the
Migration Information Source, a weekly (more or less) online journal
followed worldwide by scholars, policy makers and the occasional
migrant in distress. "My soul's dying every moment," an Iranian asylum
seeker wrote last year in an e-mail message from Greece. "Give me an

Many readers discover the Source simply by googling the word
"immigrant" and finding a link to among the
millions of citations.

At the site's helm is an American-born editor, Kirin Kalia, 32, who
describes herself as "half Dutch, half Indian, 100 percent American
and total migration geek." Ms. Kalia thrives on hybridity — devouring
Indian-American novels and Dutch-Moroccan films — and finds no
migration topic too obscure. To know the fate of Latvian mushroom
pickers in Ireland is, for her, to glimpse the world in a grain of

"To move to a different country for whatever reason takes so much
courage," she said, interrupting an interview to play a song by a
British-Indian rapper, Panjabi MC, stored on her hard drive. "The fact
that so many people do it is just endlessly fascinating to me."

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