Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fertility and Cell Phones!

A study conducted by co-author Ashok Agarwal, PhD, HCLD, the Director of the Clinical Andrology Laboratory and Reproductive Tissue Bank, and the Director of Research at the Reproductive Research Center, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility claims that men are courting infertility by talking for hours every day on the cell phone.

An excerpt from a USA today article--
"Agarwal's team studied 361 men under 40 who were being evaluated for infertility; men whose personal or family history might explain a low count or other sperm abnormalities were excluded.

The scientists divided the patients into four groups, based on how long they said they talked on a cellphone each day. Then they analyzed the men's semen and found a strong association between length of time spent on a cellphone and sperm count and quality. Those who talked more than four hours a day had lower counts and more poor "swimmers" and abnormally formed sperm."

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