Friday, February 22, 2008

Rose, or is it Ramesh Venkatesan...

A new talk show on Vijay TV in Chennai, India titled "Ippadikku Rose"
features Ramesh Venkatesan as the transgender host. A huge leap ahead
for Indian television and more importantly the audiences. An excerpt
from an article in the New York Times --
"India's newest talk show host, billed as the local Oprah Winfrey,
hitched up her sari and looked for her stylist's approval. "Very
feminine. You look gorgeous, like a goddess," he said, smiling
reassuringly, as he braided a garland of fresh jasmine into her hair."

The show will certainly create an uproar and raise many eyebrows. It
will be interesting to watch how it is accepted and where this goes...
Another excerpt from the same New York Times article --
"The show's director, Anthony Thirunelveli, said the half-hour talk
show had been conceived as a program suitable for family viewing but
would discuss issues of sex and sexuality, confronting "hush, hush,
under the carpet subjects." The first nine episodes will tackle, among
other things, divorce, sex and relationships among the mostly young
employees in India's call centers, and sexual harassment.
The main attraction will be Rose herself, who now goes by only one
name. A poised, 28-year-old, American-educated former Web site
designer with a master's degree in biomedical engineering, she started
wearing women's clothes full time four years ago and is still waiting
for acceptance from her family and society at large.
If nothing else, the show will start to propel downtrodden groups of
transsexuals, or hijras, into the mainstream. Known as the third sex,
most are born male but see themselves as women."

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