Monday, January 28, 2008

Annual Bhangra Contest in Miami

An Annual Bhangra Competition was held in Miami recently.

Excerpt from an article in Miami New Times --

"What do you get when you cross Dancing With the Stars, downtown Miami
and Bollywood? The first-annual Bhangra Competition, that's what.

While salsa may be the dance and music of choice of the Magic City,
the rest of the world has gotten hip to all things Punjab; Bhangra is
the percussion-heavy, high-energy craze that hails from India. On
Saturday night at the Gusman Theater downtown, teams from 10 colleges
from as far away as British Columbia swayed, danced and shimmied to
the music. It was like a Bollywood movie come to life: the women wore
colorful veils and the men wore turbans.

Everyone seemed to be dressed in combinations of pink and purple, blue
and yellow, red and gold. Some danced, while others did backflips and
a few played traditional Indian instruments and sang live. To the new
Bhangra lover (which would be me) the performances seemed a little
frenzied at first, a riot of color and sound. But everyone grinned
while dancing, and it was difficult not to be happy while watching the
groups dance."

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