Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gandhi's ashes to rest at sea???

From the Boston Globe --
"Some of the final ashes of Mohandas K. Gandhi, India's freedom hero
and peace apostle, also known as Mahatma, will be scattered over the
Arabian Sea after his family objected to a museum's plans to display

Gandhi was shot dead by a Hindu hardliner in 1948 and after his
cremation several urns containing his ashes were dispatched to his
followers across the country to be displayed at memorials.

One of those urns was handed over last year to a museum dedicated to
Gandhi by an Indian business family that had preserved it for almost
60 years.

The Mani Bhawan Gandhi Sangralaya had plans to display the urn along
with Gandhi's personal belongings, but his descendants intervened,
asking the museum to consider scattering the ashes at sea.

"In deference to the wishes of the family the ashes will be scattered
over the Arabian Sea on January 30, which is his 60th death
anniversary," museum official Dhirubhai Mehta said."

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