Tuesday, January 15, 2008

South Asian girls sizzle in US swimsuit calendar

From an article in CNN-IBN Live --

"The Indian- American community tends to be fairly conservative in nature. So, when Sexy South Asian girl’s calendar came out in 2007, it was a first for the community. The calendar sold about 22,000 copies.

Now, the 2008 version of the calendar is out but it's creators decided on a new name for the 2008 version.

Ten out of 12 models featured in the Desiclub.com’s Swimsuit Calendar 2008 are Indian-Americans with one each from Pakistan ad the Caribbean.

The shoot took a week and the location was at the upscale resort area of the Hamptons in New York state.

As for the changes that the calendar underwent, CEO, Desiclub. Com says, “It's a marketing strategy basically and it's also reputation. You have to be very careful about the wording that you use. And with the word 'sexy' in our title last year, the word 'sexy' automatically draws a certain type of attention. We want to keep it streamlined and classy. So we figured we should definitely title it something that's more mainstream.”

For the 2007 calendar, about 20 girls applied to be part of the project but in 2008, the number rose fivefold.

Of the models included, some said "no" initially due to their apprehensions about appearing in swimsuits but then changed their minds."

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