Saturday, January 19, 2008

Caste System and Reservations - Boon or Bane?

What does caste have to do with education? One would simply assume
education needs to be purely merit based, for those who deserve it,
from an intellectual standpoint. I am one of those, that have never
and probaly never will understand why anyone should study or not
study, because of what caste or communit they belong to.

Excerpt from an interesting article in the Washington Post written by
Emily Wax--
"Not so long ago, in the back of a tin-roofed restaurant, Ramu, a
teenage dishwasher, spent his nights chained to a radiator. That's how
his employer kept him from running away.

Ramu wanted to flee because his boss, who was from a higher, more
privileged caste, constantly berated him for showing an interest in
learning to read. The boss believed Ramu had to get used to a life of
cleaning up after other people because as a Dalit, a member of India's
lowest and most shunned caste, he could never amount to anything.

Then a foreigner who ran a private school and home for Dalit children
noticed Ramu. He enrolled him in classes. Ramu is now a star pupil
with a voracious and ever-changing appetite for activities including
yoga, photography and film directing.

"In my childhood, I was so desperate for learning," said Ramu, a
gregarious 19-year-old with thick brown hair. "There are so many jobs
other than dishwashing that I hoped to experience.""

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Leo 009 said...

Caste based system has been in tamilnadu for over 50 years.In college admissinons It was in the form of COMMUNAL GO ACT.The they misused this this and posted The upper cast students in outskirts colleges & reserved city colleges for Scheduled category.
Even after gratuating persons of upper casts were posted in villages.They tried to influence the Private firms in not recruiting upper class persons.
Merit must only be the criterion.
Financilal aids can be given to Lower income people, but they must put in hard work to come up to certain level.Even in Govt jobs They are given preference in the name PRESIDENTIAL ORDER.At entry level they can be helped,but in career progression,promotions they must come up with hard work.
Only Merit and hard work will bring the nation in Global Level

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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