Thursday, January 31, 2008

What would we do if the Internet failed?

I keep wondering, our dependency on things like the Internet, cell
phones, electricity, etc. has become addictive. What would we do
without them. The other day I forgot my cell phone at home and I felt
like I was cut off from the world. I go into panic mode if I can't
check my email in the morning...

From CNN News --

"Large swathes of Asia, the Middle East and north Africa had their
high-technology services crippled Thursday following a widespread
Internet failure which brought many businesses to a standstill and
left others struggling to cope.

Hi-tech Dubai has been hit hard by an Internet outage apparently
caused by a cut undersea cable.

One major telecommunications provider blamed the outage, which started
Wednesday, on a major undersea cable failure in the Mediterranean.

India's Internet bandwidth has been sliced in half, The Associated
Press reported, leaving its lucrative outsourcing industry trying to
reroute traffic to satellites and other cables through Asia.

Reports say that Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab
Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain are also experiencing severe problems.

Nations that have been spared the chaos include Israel -- whose
traffic uses a different route -- and Lebanon and Iraq. Many Middle
East governments have backup satellite systems in case of cable

An official at Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information
Technology, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was believed
that a boat's anchor may have caused the problems, although this was
unconfirmed, AP reported. He added that it might take up to a week to
repair the fault.

Rajesh Chharia, president of India's Internet Service Providers'
Association, explained that some firms were trying to reroute via
Pacific cables and that companies serving the eastern US and the UK
were worst affected, AP added."

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