Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two Million Minutes

There has always been a dialog about the type of education one
receives in countries in India and China, versus the kind of education
in the US. There is now a new documentary that speaks to this effect,
and compares American students with those in India and China.

An excerpt from an article in US News and World Report --
"Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination follows six students
through their senior year of high school in the United States, India,
and China. Brittany Brechbuhl is a 17-year-old who's in the top 3
percent of her graduating class at Carmel High School in Indiana. She
aspires to become a doctor but also wants to join a sorority and
"party." Neil Ahrendt, 18, is another talented Carmel student who is
the senior class president and former quarterback of the football
team. These American teenagers' attitudes toward academics differ
sharply from those of their peers in India and China, who seem more
motivated and focused. Take, for example, 17-year-old Apoorva Uppala,
who attends Saturday tutoring sessions to prepare for her university
entrance exams. She wants to become an engineer, which she calls "the
safest" profession in India. In Shanghai, Jin Ruizhang, 17, preps for
international math tournaments. He is already the top math student at
his school and hopes to get into a prestigious university offering an
advanced math program."

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