Monday, April 07, 2008

21 And The World is Yours...

ABC News is doing a four part series on "21 And the world is yours"
The plot for this series is -- "At 21, how did you view the world? The
limitless possibilities... The road ahead filled with so many
unexpected turns... Four 21-year-olds living worlds apart in Egypt,
India, Kenya, China. What does the future look like to them? And how
does that compare with today's Americans at 21?"

Today they featured India and here is a short recap of what happens in
this clip.
"We reporters are taught to be skeptical of the people we cover. It's
hard, however, not to feel warmly toward Nisha Mehta. She's giggly,
stylish and warm -- and when she turns her gale-force smile on you,
it's irresistible. She's also tough, independent and has a regal
bearing. She's simultaneously someone you want to hug and someone not
to be trifled with
At age 21, Mehta has five people -- all older than she is -- working
under her. And her boss says the sky's the limit.
This is a seismic change in a country where women have, until
recently, been restricted to traditional family roles. And it's a
change that has transpired within one generation in one household."

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