Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reviving Tourism in Kashmir

Over the last few years, Kashmir, one of the most beautiful parts of
the world, has been struggling, with Pakistan on one side and China on
the other staking claim on her land. What was once one of the topmost
tourist destinations in the world, was shunned for several years
because of the terrorism and unrest in the region. Nestled in the
Himalayas, with some of the rarest natural beauty, this region is
being promoted as THE destination for golfers!

" Naeem Akhtar has an improbable task in the Indian government's drive
to revitalize Kashmir after 18 years of militant violence: rebranding
this heavily militarized Himalayan region as a global golfing
destination," says an article in the New York Times.

"Mr. Akhtar, who is permanent secretary to the government tourism
department, the most senior official in charge of tourism in Kashmir,
readily admits he has a difficult challenge. "We face a lot of
uncomfortable questions," he said last month, staring out at the empty
fairways of the Royal Spring Golf Course here. "Tourists travel to
relax. A tourist doesn't want to come to a place that creates
apprehension in his mind." Nevertheless, lyrical brochures declare the
state to be a "golfers' paradise," and officials have been dispatched
to tourism conferences in London, Berlin and Dubai to persuade the
world of Kashmir's golfing attractions," says the article in the

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