Friday, April 11, 2008

Shouldn't Education Be Based on Merit?

When will we abolish quota based education and focus solely on a merit
based education system in India?

The New York Times reports that, "India's Supreme Court upheld a
government program to double the number of seats in public colleges
and universities, including the most elite institutions, set aside for
the lowest castes on the Hindu social ladder and indigenous tribes.
India has long set aside 22.5 percent of college seats to such
students. Now an additional 27 percent of seats must go for a group
the bureaucracy calls "other backward classes," or O.B.C.'s. When they
were proposed in 2006, the new quotas led to clashes between
upper-caste students, particularly medical students, and the police.
Many doctors went on strike, closing hospitals across the country."

These kinds of rulings only make the rifts between the various castes
wider, and do not in any way bridge them. Providing financial
scholarships for the needy is one way to boost education among the
downtrodden, but blindly assigning a percentage of college seats to a
group, is another. It is about time and the caste system, quota based
education were bygones.

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Reservation were present even in the 50s in Tamilnadu.Admissions to Medical & Engg courses were dictated by an ORDER CALLED " COMMUNAL G.O."Students of upper class selected were posted outside Madras colleges.Even in the recruitment Govt was influencing Private Companies to recruit SC & ST.Govt jobs were mainly for backward, they were posted on prime posting in Madras.Others were posted in villages.
That is why many people from Tamilnadu migrated to north for better jobs.Fortunately at that time Steel Plants,Heavy Engg Companies came , which recruited many talented Boys.
In order to bring up Backward class ,Govt took special care.
You will be surprised that even now in the Recruitment & Promotion Policy of Backward Classes in Public Sector & Govt jobs, there is an order called "PRESIDENTIAL ORDER". This order clearly says that Backward class must be given preferenc in all job recruitment & Promotions, & they should strart with PLUS 25 marks in all Interviews.
There is a talk that JUDICIARY must have reservations!!!!