Friday, April 04, 2008

A taste of India in Stone Mountain

"Though they are thousands of miles away from their native India,
Amitabh and Meenu "Mini" Sharma feel at home in Atlanta," says an
article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I would too if I had a
home like this!!! It's a nice article, and a nice home, a little
extravagant for my taste but nice.

An excerpt --
"The Sharmas moved to Atlanta 14 years ago. Amitabh Sharma is from
Agra — home of the Taj Mahal — and his wife hails from New Delhi. They
own two IT consulting companies, and work from their DeKalb County
home, which is near the Gwinnett County line. Amitabh Sharma is active
in Indian-American associations. He is past president of the
Indian-American Cultural Association, a current director in the
National Federation of Indian-American Associations, and past director
of the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta."

When they decided to build, they found the lot and the builder. Then,
the Sharmas served as the architects.
The couple, who are practicing Hindus, asked the builder to create a
room for a Hindu temple. The room has an east-facing window, which is
important for feng shui, Amitabh Sharma said. "It attracts a lot of
energy from the sun," he said. "We pray every morning." Within the
temple room, the altar and idols are made of Jaipur marble from India.
It's so heavy that "four people can barely lift it," Amitabh Sharma

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