Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Water Yoga

Yoga is not just becoming a fashion and a fad but it's varied benefits
are also slowly being realized. Yoga in it's many forms is being used
for various applications. Vipaasana, a form of yoga is being used for
anger management in prisons, and to change the minds of hardened
criminals. Now this.

ANI reports that another form of Yoga, "Water Yoga" is being used to
treat those that are affected by HIV. They say that, "HIV positive
tested persons in India's southern Chennai are taking part in a Yoga
camp to practice 'Jal or Water yoga' which they believe would help
them in leading a better life. According to the experts, yoga 'asanas'
or exercises in water have many benefits attached to them including
increasing the longevity of life by improving the immunity system of
the body."

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