Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am Indian-American - writes Vidushi Shrimali

"I would like to define for you the diverse, colorful middle-class
group of Americans known as Indian Americans. Just like any other
ethnic group in America, we come with no lack of stereotypes: a love
of spicy food, large families and complex customs.

Let's get beyond all that.

While we do have many interesting and colorful dishes with all sorts
of different flavors, spices are not my favorite. In fact, most of my
Indian-American friends can't stand spicy food.

Also, not all Indians are dark brown. India is a country of many mixed
groups and skin colors, and not everyone has dark skin.

As for the language, it is Hindi. The religion is Hindu. Understand
our frustration: When was the last time someone asked you if you spoke
Christian?" writes a Dallas high schooler, Vidushi Shrimali, in a
candid essay reflecting her feelings about being Indian American.

During my writing career, I have spoken to several young adults about
being Indian in a western setting, and many of them, rightly enough,
talk about their struggles with the dual identity crisis. This is the
voice of one such Indian American teenager who seems to have figured
it out!

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