Sunday, March 02, 2008

The not-so-latent Energy Crisis in India

A question that most Indians are asking is about Energy. With planned
regular power cuts in large cities like Chennai, Bangalore and
Hyderabad, how if the country going to deal with the burgeoning
populations demand for energy?

An excerpt from an interesting article about energy in the New York Times --

"A beacon of India's red-hot economy, this new suburb on the edge of
the capital, New Delhi, is also a symbol of India's fast-growing
hunger for energy. By the government's own estimates, energy
consumption in this country of 1.1 billion is expected to quadruple
over the next 25 years, inevitably expanding India's emissions of
greenhouse gases.

At the moment, it is a mixed blessing that Gurgaon remains an island
of air-conditioned malls and roaring, round-the-clock office towers,
and that behind this brightly lighted boomtown lies a vast nation of
darkness and cow-dung-fueled stoves.

Almost half of India's population has no access to the electricity
grid, and many more people suffer hours without power. Nearly 700,000
Indians rely on animal waste and firewood as fuel for cooking. As a
result, India's per capita carbon footprint remains a small fraction
of that of the industrialized world — the average American produces 16
times the emissions of the average Indian — and in turn empowers the
central Indian argument for its right to consume more, not less,
energy in the future."

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