Monday, March 03, 2008

Will world hunger turn to mass starvation?

Everyone is talking about Economic Growth and how India and China are
becoming world economic leaders and how the middle and rich classes
are benefitting tremendously from this. The challenges faced by these
countries and those poor and downtrodden, who are getting poorer are
often ignored. This editorial in the New York Times talk about the
challenges faced by India and China, because of the Food Shortage
caused by population growth and the so called "economic progress". The
rich get richer the poor get poorer... This mantra is becoming common
in these countries as well..

An excerpt from this editorial in the New York Times --
"The world has faced periodic bouts when it looked as if population
growth would outstrip the food supply. Each time, food production has
grown to meet demand. This time it might not be so easy.

Population growth and economic progress are part of the problem.
Consumption of meat and other high-quality foods —mainly in China and
India— has boosted demand for grain for animal feed. Poor harvests due
to bad weather in this country and elsewhere have contributed. High
energy prices are adding to the pressures."

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