Friday, March 28, 2008

Shekhar Kapur in the limelight again...

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who has been one of the most successful
Indians in Hollywood, is all set to direct a $200-million Hollywood
fantasy-epic for Warner Brothers titled 'Larklight'. " "'Larklight' is
the current craze on the bookshelves and its author, Philip Reeve, is
being touted as another J.K. Rowling. It was an instant bestseller
across the world when released in 2006," reports India eNews.

An excited Kapur reportedly told the IANS that, 'I was in LA last week
to collaborate with writer Steve Knight for 'Larklight'. It's
something I had signed on three months ago. It's a franchise book and
being hailed as the new 'Harry Potter'. Warner Brothers has bought the
rights. Steve and I are currently working on the screenplay. Steve and
I are good friends. We've been working on the script extensively. It's
a $200-million project, probably the most expensive film I've made and
will ever make."

Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times reports that, Shekhar Kapur is in New
York for an unexpected project. He is to direct a movie that the
acclaimed British director, Anthony Minghella of The English Patient
fame, was making before his death last week. "It's a part of a series
of short films entitled, New York, I Love You, from the same producers
who produced Paris Je T'Aime (which had Gurinder Chaddha in its
bouquet of directors). I wasn't supposed to do it at all. But Anthony,
who was doing one, called me one day and said, 'I'm not doing it. I'm
ill. You do it'," Shekhar Kapur said. Kapur said he had thought that
Minghella would recover and complete the movie. "Anthony went to the
operating table, but did not return. He was 51 and it was not an age
to die. 'The English Patient' was truly a marvellous piece of cinema.
Now, it is my duty to do Minghella's film," the director said."

Kapur also did a CNN show LIVE show recently where he answered several
questions from the audience as well. Watch that video, or read the
transcript at the link below--

Read the full India eNews article at--

Read the full Hindustan Times article at--'s+last+film

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