Monday, March 10, 2008

Now They Call It Reproductive Outsourcing!!!!

Talk about taking advantage of the poor, the surrogate mom saga
continues, and is in full swing it sounds like.

Read this excerpt from a New York Times feature article --
" An enterprise known as reproductive outsourcing is a new but rapidly
expanding business in India. Clinics that provide surrogate mothers
for foreigners say they have recently been inundated with requests
from the United States and Europe, as word spreads of India's mix of
skilled medical professionals, relatively liberal laws and low prices.
Commercial surrogacy, which is banned in some states and some European
countries, was legalized in India in 2002. The cost comes to about
$25,000, roughly a third of the typical price in the United States.
That includes the medical procedures; payment to the surrogate mother,
which is often, but not always, done through the clinic; plus air
tickets and hotels for two trips to India (one for the fertilization
and a second to collect the baby)."

Read the full article at --

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