Monday, March 10, 2008

A thirty six year search...

A very touching story from BBC about those that were lost during the
Indo-Pak war.

An excerpt--
"She pulls the newspaper carefully out of a folder.

It is slightly crumpled, fraying at the edges and the paper is turning
a little yellow.

It is a copy of the Sunday Pakistan Observer, dated 5 December 1971.

Under the headline "Pakistan Air Force Bags 46 Indian planes", it
states the name of one of the pilots captured alive: Flight Lieutenant

"That's my husband," she says.

Next out of the folder comes a copy of a page from an old edition of
Time magazine.

A photograph captures an Indian prisoner of war staring out through
the bars of his cell and, in the background, the partly obscured face
of another man.

"That's him," she says. "I'm convinced of it. So where is he now? And
if he's dead, where's his body? Has anyone seen one?"

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