Sunday, March 23, 2008

The South Asian Travel Fad Continues...

This Sundays New York Times features two travel articles featuring
South Asian destinations, New Delhi and Nepal.

While Somini Sengupta talks about 36 hours and New Delhi and lists an
itinerary with the things one must do within the short time that they
have, a slideshow with about 16 beautiful images of New Delhi is a
treat for the eyes. Seth Sherwood muses about teh sudden increase in
Nepal tourism. "According to the Nepal Tourism Board, December capped
a banner year, with air arrivals up 27 percent over the 2006 total.
Overall, 2007 welcomed some 360,000 foreign air travelers to the
country, making it the most successful year for tourism since 2000.
For a poor but picturesque country that was nearly pulled apart by a
decade of bloodshed and political turmoil — which witnessed some
13,000 deaths from a Maoist insurrection, the bizarre murder of most
of the royal family by the crown prince, the seizure of absolute power
by a subsequent king and the resulting pro-democracy riots — the
numbers are heartening indeed," says Sherwood. As one who has visited
this incredibly beautiful country when I was a teenager, I must say I
am not surprised that Tourism to Nepal is rapidly climbing now that
the political situation has calmed down.

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