Sunday, March 23, 2008

Now it's easier to give back to India...

A while ago when I was interviewing Desh Deshpande, he was discussing
the challenges of giving back to India. Why is it so hard to donate
large sums to India, why is the whole concept of giving back so alien?
is a question many were asking. These questions have not fallen on
deaf ears.

Pavni Guharoy, who is with the Confederation of Indian Industry writes
that "The Indian American Council is a DC based program started by the
Confederation of Indian Industry to help US based Indians give back to
India. The Indian American Council offers its members opportunities to
link with India in five key areas; Health and HIV, Education, SME
Development, Infrastructure/SCM and Water Management. By leveraging
CII's 52 offices all over India, you can link to opportunities any
part of the country."

Guharoy says, "The program is unique because it does not just connect
you to an organization or NGO in India but creates the entire linkage
based on your time and location preference. For example, you could be
a doctor that wants to do a two day seminar at a local hospital in
Coimbatore or primary school teacher that wants to teach at a
government school in Ahmadabad for a few hours or a financial analyst
that wanted to mentor a growing company in Chandigarh on an ongoing
basis. We do all the homework to match you to the right opportunity
and then introduce you via phone or email."

The program is somewhat fee-based but Guharoy says that is because the
program offers you the unique service of finding you the right
organization to work with, in a city that convenient to you. For more
information please contact:

Pavni Guharoy, Confederation of Indian Industry, 1700 North Moore
Street, Suite 1928, Arlington, VA 22209, Ph: 703 807 0310. Email: Website:

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